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A Minute with McIver

POSITIVITY All Around Mechanical Systems WEEK

Our recently-completed Mechanical Systems WEEK/ Comfortech show in Schaumburg, IL was a learning and networking and experience for the many new attendees we met, as well as the regular participants who have the event chiseled into their calendars each year.

This event has always been the ideal way to put an exclamation point on the summer season, a time to share success stories with peers, and find new ideas for the heating season and into next summer. And despite the rocky road of a lousy economy, the positive vibes of contractors refusing to participate in a recession were felt throughout the hallways and classrooms.

"The show is phenomenal," said Bart Prusser, service manager, American Weathermakers, Northbrook, IL. "I found some tips that will improve our marketing, and many customer service related ideas. No matter how good your advertising is, when the technician knocks on the door, the first impression has to be a good one. We found resources to improve our first impressions and incorporate new technologies. There are many quality products here."

That's the point of Mechanical Systems WEEK/HVAC Comfortech: to bring together HVAC contractors in search of business and product innovations with seminar presenters, peers, and manufacturers who have what they're looking for.

Watch for our special Mechanical Systems WEEK report in the November edition of Contracting

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