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A Minute with McIver

Pro-Warming Opinions Always Run Hot

I've finally realized that a good way to get letters from readers is to deny the existence of global warming. I received some heated but welcome responses to my interview with Steven Hayward of the, "they're-not-credible-because-they're-right-wing-maniacs" American Enterprise Institute. Hayward's comments — such as, the members of the Montreal Protocol never accomplish anything to speak of because no one wants to front the money required to further its goals; or that recent signs that show the warming trend is flat or virtually non-existent — drew significant reader ire.

A sampling:

"The AEI is funded by oil billionaires...stay away from AEI and The Heritage Foundation." (I was impressed that this reader also knew about Heritage, another THINK tank.)

"This is crap...your "Glenn Beckish-ness" is starting to show."

"If it makes sense to the industry fat cats, it's good reading in a trade magazine."

But I haven't received any letters in response to my interview with Roger Pielke, Jr. of the University of Colorado, a warming advocate, of sorts.

Pielke, Jr. is a political scientist steeped in climate change research and the politics of the issue. His latest book is The Climate Fix. In it, Pielke agrees that there is a growing warming problem, but 1) It's not the end of the world as we know it, and yet, 2) There is a need to do something about it. The problem, he says, lies in the attitudes of people with power on both sides of the issue.

This is a highly, highly-charged political issue, as most of you are aware. But, why no letters of support, no "attaboys," no "you're coming to your senses" words of praise for writing about a warming believer?

After reading The Climate Fix, and Pielke's data on carbon dioxide increase, I was more inclined to believe that something reasonable might be in order, such as a modest tax on carbon emissions. But then, I read today that a noted German chemist and (full disclosure) utility executive, Fritz Vahrenholt says the sun's activity is causing a planetary cooling. His new book is call Cold Sun. He also has expressed disappointment in recent errors found in widely-publicized climate data. In addition, the melting of glacial ice is 30% less than had been predicted. The sea level is rising at a whopping one-sixteenth of an inch per year. Man the lifeboats!

If we do ever see a carbon tax, let's be sure to follow the money, to be certain it's going to research and development of better equipment, not to fund expanded government or to line some pockets.

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