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A Minute with McIver

Screeching Tires & Crumpled Metal

Those aren't the names of the newest big garage bands. They're what you probably dread more than anything else as a business owner. Accidents will happen, but they can be prevented.

Connie Albright, assistant vice president, Enterprise Fleet Management, has often provided us with some timely vehicle tips, and this new one is just right for the current busy season.

According to Albright, worn tires, worn out brakes, and broken mirrors are three structural deficiencies that cause many accidents, especially when paired with driver mistakes, including changing lanes without signalling, following too closely, and not slowing down at intersections, to look both ways (mom is still right!).

"Being diligent about making and keeping service appointments should be a top priority," says Albright. "Recommended service intervals are clearly stated in the owner's manual for every vehicle, and businesses that have a maintenance management program through a professional fleet management company are notified in advance when it's time to make a service appointment."

One day's delay can make a difference, Albright says, and she knows of a driver who got into an accident on bad tires, after making an appointment to have new ones installed the next day.

Other culprits (kind of like that commercial with hazards personified) include sun glare, unfamiliarity with a new vehicle and how it handles (I've experienced that with rentals), and the good old, driving while drowsy, can lead to an accident.

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING to maintain safe driving records among your technicians? Let me know when you "have a minute." Reply here, or at [email protected]

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