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A Service Story

May 16, 2024
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The Excellence Continues

Aug. 3, 2021
Two new contractor profiles are offered to inspire others, and Emerson hosts a discussion about 'Cool Careers' in refrigeration.

The Excellence Continues

Our August issue continues our 2021 “Contractors of Excellence” series, with profiles of two southern-based businesses that are doing great things in HVAC.

Tom Casey, Jr., a favorite of Contracting Business from the days when he was running Climate Partners in Milford, Ct., turned a health scare into a new opportunity for himself, his wife Dana, and their children Abby, Jenna and Deklin. They’re all in St. Johns, Fla. now, and the new company is Griffin Service, which opened it doors in November 2016.

Tom Casey, Jr. lives and breathes entrepreneurial excellence. Get him talking and he’ll talk. And he’s got plenty to talk about when it comes to the formation of Griffin Service and its ongoing mission.

Climate Partners was Tom Casey Sr.’s business at first, so Tom Jr. was not involved in the start-up, although he and Todd took hold of the reins eventually.

This Florida business was a fully, from-the-ground-up endeavor, but there’s no indication that Casey felt any trepidation whatsoever. He attacked the business plan with vigor, taking the time to research competitors, examine regional demographics, and determine exactly what customers wanted, and what was not being provided by those competitors.

He also gave due attention to the team. They’re as well-trained as they can be, and take an active role in company business planning. Casey is also a devotee of Gino Wickman, and follow’s Wickman’s “Quarterly Rock” method of goal attainment. 

Read about Griffin Service HERE.

Ted Puzio, founder of Southern Trust Home Services, runs a more all-around
service organization. A business owner since 1995, he is also an electrician by training. Today, Southern Trust Home Services provides service and repair for plumbing, electrical, heating, air, water treatment, generators and luxury bath remodels.

Puzio has built a company in which “everybody works for each other.” That theme came about so technicians don’t miss out on family events due to work. They all gladly help each other with assignments so no sporting event or graduation is missed.

Above all, the motto of “All for one, one for all!” fuels the team’s quest for constant trust and support, which has made Southern Trust a company of high integrity. 

Find the Southern Trust profile HERE.

Emerson Hosts 'Cool Career's Discussion

HVACR industry recruiting efforts continue, and so much of this issue seems to be one of the heart. How can we reach younger recruits who don’t have a heart for the trades, simply because they’ve never heard of them? Most are unaware of the career fulfillment and income that’s possible in the HVACR industry.

Emerson Residential and Commercial Services knows this is a key to the problem, and it recently presented a “Cool Careers” webinar, with commentary by Emerson employees in the Asia-Pacific, U.S., Canada, Latin America and Mexico. This was produced as part of Emerson's observance of World Refrigeration Day, June 26. Each panelist described their HVACR career path and the satisfaction they’ve enjoyed as HVACR professionals. The panelists were unified in their belief in mentorship. Young people today are living in a world filled with more distractions than ever before, and more have to start hearing about this career path.

Rajan Rajendran, Vice President, Systems Innovation Center and Sustainability, Emerson US, wanted especially to hear from each panelist serving abroad about what inspires young people in other countries to enter HVACR.

Trevor Matthews, an Emerson HVACR training and development specialist in Canada, said refrigeration found him by luck, and he’s glad it did. He spoke about “learning and earning,” and that over time, it’s very possible to earn a six-figure income in refrigeration.

“I continue to learn every single day. I love it,” he said. “This is such an amazing career, the most rewarding career out there. I highly recommend all of you go and find out about refrigeration programs in your areas.”

Rajendran said a proficient refrigeration professional can see the world.

“A refrigeration career is not something that will hold you down in a small town in a small part of the world. You can pick up your skills and go where you want to go. The language of refrigeration is the same no matter where you go,” Rajendran said.

And women are most welcome. Becky Hoelscher, director, aftermarket sales, US for Emerson, said the primary career path for women during her high school days was in secretarial services. But she wasn’t going to go that route. “I saw a Copeland sign driving by their building; I didn’t know what that was. Then I came to realize it’s a sign of a great career.

“But to recruit women, we need to be at the vocational schools, career centers and high schools,” Hoelscher said. “You’ve got to get mothers to understand their daughters can do this. One of the best I ever mentored is now a supervisor for a large, local mechanical contractor”

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