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    Your company culture is the sum of the company values. Everyone may not share every value, but everyone should accept and be compatible with every value.
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    Tik Tok? I Think Not!

    April 13, 2023
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    Milestones of Note

    March 28, 2023
    Congratulations to three HVAC-related companies celebrating anniversaries.

    Ed. Note: we are not able to add to this list.

    Three bits of good news arrived recently that I'd like to mention. These organizations have found their individual paths to success, primarily through understanding  the needs of their individual markets. 

    Home Services Communications

    Congratulations to Heather Ripley and her team at Ripley PR, celebrating 10 years of service to the home service industry. The agency provides strategic public relations solutions to clients around the world.

    Ripley founded the Maryville, Tennessee-based PR agency in 2013 after she decided to leverage her experience and success in marketing and PR to create a world-class agency in her own back yard.

    “This anniversary not only marks a milestone in Ripley PR’s professional existence but commemorates the date when I decided to follow my dreams,” Ripley said. "We've seen great achievements and growth throughout the years thanks to the fantastic team we have in place, and we now serve contractors and B2B companies in the skilled trades industry from Georgia to California, and from Virginia to New York. We are proud of our journey and hope to continue to provide success to our clients for many years to come."

    Ripley was an assistant buyer for a national department store before she decided to enter communications. She spent the next decade managing public relations and marketing campaigns for a variety of companies, including Clockwork Home Services and its three franchise brands, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky. It was at that organization that Ripley first learned how impactful public relations could be to the home service industry.

    Ripley continued to work for other organizations throughout the Southeast until 2013, when she decided to come back to her hometown of Maryville and open her own public relations agency. With no clients, Ripley got to work building a PR company that would help home service business owners grow to the next level and achieve their dreams.

    In addition to the skilled trades, Ripley PR also specializes in promoting and growing franchising brands and companies in B2B and construction technology and industrial manufacturing industries. According to the agency, Ripley PR is now considered the No. 1 home service PR agency in the country.  

    In 2021, Heather Ripley published Next Level NOW ,with practical advice for succeeding in home services. She has also appeared in the pages of Contracting Business (see bit.ly/valueofpr).

     75 Years for Beckett Corp.

    Congratulations are also in order for Beckett Corporation, for hitting the 75-year milestone. Founded in 1948, Beckett is a leader in designing pumps and related products for a wide range of industries and market segments, including HVACR contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

    Beckett Corp.'s HVACR offerings include condensate pumps and submersible pumps. Products of interest to OEMs include pumps for ice machines, refrigeration, tile and masonry saws, parts washers, oil skimmers, evaporative coolers and specialized air conditioning equipment. 

    A new website is part of the commemoration. Features of the new site include a new and improved online product catalog; separate sections for HVAC and OEM products; expanded product resources sections with specifications, manuals, videos and more.

    “More and more of our customers are seeking information online. We rebuilt and expanded our website to meet the growing demand to easily access Beckett content anywhere, anytime. Distributors, contractors, OEMs, retailers and homeowners should find the new website useful, informative, and engaging,” said Arnold.

    “This year marks a historic milestone for all employees at Beckett,” said Bill Arnold, president and CEO of Beckett Corporation, in a press release to industry media. “Our success would not be possible without our amazing team of employees, distribution, contractor, and OEM partners, and loyal customers," Arnold said. 

    Quality Brings Longevity

    Visit THIS LINK for a recognition of the 30th anniversary of Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, West Chester, Penn., co-founded by Bill Ronayne. Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning provides, "Comfort with Care" for residential and commercial HVAC customers.

    "Since we opened our doors in 1993, our company has consistently delivered quality workmanship and outstanding customer service with integrity, honesty and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. When we say we care, we mean it and stand behind every job we do, every time," said Ronayne.

    This family-owned business is also firmly committed to community service. Watch for an expanded story on Ronayne and Brandywine Valley in one of our summertime issues.

    Congratulations for Ripley PR, Beckett Corporation and Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning, and best wishes for future success.