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    Your company culture is the sum of the company values. Everyone may not share every value, but everyone should accept and be compatible with every value.
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    Tik Tok? I Think Not!

    April 13, 2023
    The Contracting Business 2024 Team of Influencers will provide insight into HVAC business management and industry trends. Top from left: Tersh Blisset; Vince Difilippo; Sarah Ghirardo; Ken Goodrich; Lou Hobaica; Andy Hobaica; Crystal Williams. Bottom from left: Aaron Husak; Danielle Putnam; Tommy Mello; Colleen Keyworth; Lori Tschohl; Tawnya and Joe Stritmatter.

    Thank You, Charlie Greer. Welcome, New Voices

    Dec. 1, 2023
    The Contracting Business Team of Influencers for 2024 will share "what works" for HVAC businesses.

    Thank you, Charlie Greer. Welcome, New Voices

    This is bitter-sweet. After a 30+-year association, Charlie Greer’s tenure as a featured columnist in Contracting Business has come to an end. His spot in the magazine will now feature observations and expert advice from a new team of CB influencers. I'll share more on this in a minute. Charlie offered his stamp of approval on the new direction we’re taking to fill his spot and wished us well.

    Charlie Greer became a mainstay at Contracting Business after he became one of the HVAC industry’s first million-dollar salesmen. (He was always quick to credit Ron Smith and Tom McCart for much of his success.) But if you know Charlie, you would agree that he has a personality and approach to sales that is guaranteed to bring success. 

    Once he became settled and successful in HVAC, he was an annual presenter at our Comfortech show. (I know, I know, it should still be around.) To me, his highlight was as the emcee of our “Comfortech Idol” contests, which ran for three years. Then editor-in-chief Mike Weil took advantage of the country’s “American Idol” fever, and he and Charlie crafted a competition for best sales presentation role play and sales close, presented in front of a Comfortech audience and judges.

    As a columnist, Many of Charlie’s articles were filled with much wisdom, and the challenge to become better. Read Charlie’s “farewell” on page 30. The good news is he’s not going away altogether. We'll still hear from him from time to time.

    Meet Our 2024 Influencers

    We will convert Charlie’s space to observations from our new team of magazine influencers. I’ve been behind the times in getting into this “influencer” phenomenon because I’m an old guy, what can I say? You’ve probably seen some of them as guests of today’s leading podcasters. They will also be guests on our “HVAC Chats” podcasts. Click on the image to enlarge.

    Tersh Blisset, owner of Service Emperor and Tri-Star in Savannah, GA. Blisset started the AHR Expo Podcast Pavilion and is quite possibly the king of HVAC podcasters. He operates the Service Business Mastery podcast with Josh Crouch.

    Vince DiFilippo, president of DiFilippo’s Service, Paoli, PA. Vince has served on the CB Editorial  Advisory Board and has been a long-time supporter of this publication.

    Sarah Ghirardo is senior marketing operations manager for ServiceTitan, and leader of LadyTitans, powered by ServiceTitan. LadyTitans has become a network of like-minded individuals passionate about supporting and uplifting women in the trades.

    Ken Goodrich, CEO of Goettl Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. CB HVAC Hall of Fame member Goodrich is one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers and pulls no punches in his advice to business owners.

    Louis Hobaica, president of the legendary Hobaica Services of Phoenix, Lou Hobaica has been a leader in HVAC business excellence for more than 20 years. He and his brothers Paul and Mike have taken the successful company – founded by Paul Hobaica, Sr. – to greater heights of sales, marketing, and customer service excellence.

    Andy Hobaica, sales leader at Hobaica Services. Andy started as an installer, then became a service technician, and is now a comfort specialist selling $5 million annually. Watch for Andy’s insight into better selling.

    Aaron Husak, owner and CEO of Balanced Comfort in Fresno, Calif. Balanced Comfort specializes in HVAC, plumbing, weatherization, and restoration services. They have been on the Inc. 5000 list from 2021-2023.

    Colleen Keyworth, director of sales and marketing for Online-Access, past president of Women in HVACR, and currently president of the International Network for Women in Cooling. Growing up in an HVAC family, Colleen has a clear understanding of contracting and the realities contractors face in owning and operating a profitable business.

    Tommy Mello, CEO, A1 Garage Door Service. A leading social media and event presenter, Tommy Mello founded A1 Garage Door Service in 2007. Tommy’s insights can be applied to any service business, including HVAC.

    Danielle Putnam is president at The New Flat Rate, a flat rate menu pricing system for residential contractors. Danielle was a board member, a former president, and is now an advisory board member for Women in HVACR.

    Joe & Tawnya Strittmatter, Strittmatter Plumbing, Heating, AC, now a business of Frymire Home Services. Strittmatter’s has served Dallas-Fort Worth for more than 70 years.

    Lori Tschohl: owner of Eagle Pipe & Mechanical, Poulsbo, WA, Lori is the 2024 president of Women in HVACR. She has many ideas to share about growing a business and how WHVACR will support women in the trades in 2024.

    Crystal Williams, founder and creative strategist, Lemon Seed Marketing. Crystal is a dynamite presenter and thought leader. She will share insights into how to market your HVAC business more effectively.

    Thank you to our new CB Team of Influencers, which by the way will be in flux after a time, so new influencers will be needed in the future. If you're interested in joining our team then send me an email.