• Four Common Business Killers

    May 26, 2021
    Dominick Guarino, CEO of National Comfort Institute, describes four of the biggest business-killing mistakes he has witnessed over the years.

    Only 30% of HVAC contracting startups reportedly make it past the first year, and less than half of those make it past the first five years.

    There are many reasons for such high failure rates, including lack of good marketing, growing too fast, growing too slow, overpromising and under-delivering, hiring practices, and on and on.

    This gallery describes four of the biggest business-killing mistakes I’ve witnessed over the years. Some of them I learned from nearly 30 years of running a small business myself.

    These mistakes are common, yet they are among the easiest and fastest to remedy. You could literally fix them within 30 days.


    Dominick Guarino is CEO of National Comfort Institute (NCI) (www.nationalcomfortinstitute.com), one of the nation’s premier Performance-Based™ training, certification, and membership organization focused on helping contractors grow and become more profitable. His e-mail is [email protected]. For more info on Performance-Based Contracting™ go to WhyPBC.com or call NCI at 800/633-7058.