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    Your company culture is the sum of the company values. Everyone may not share every value, but everyone should accept and be compatible with every value.
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    Tik Tok? I Think Not!

    April 13, 2023

    7 Professionals Every Contractor Needs On the Team

    Feb. 16, 2022
    There's too much on the line for you to try to attend to every critical business support function. Hire a professional in these key areas.

    Contractors scorn DIYers, often with good reason. Yet, some of the biggest DIYers are contractors themselves. They try to DIY taxes, investments, legal contracts, and so on. They think they're saving money, but more than likely, it's costing them in ways they may never understand. 

    Click through the slide show above to see the seven professionals every contractor should have on his or her team.

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