NCI's David Richardson to Write for CB

May 20, 2022
Curriculum developer and trainer for National Comfort Institute assumes role previously held by the late Rob 'Doc' Falke. Richardson will provide articles on airflow and ventilation, HVAC system performance and other HVAC technical topics.

The HVAC industry took a hard hit recently, with the sudden passing on May 2 of Rob "Doc" Falke, president of National Comfort Institute, Avon, Ohio.

Rob Falke's value to HVAC technicians could easily be measured by the many times he had helped NCI members with technical challenges, and by how often his articles were viewed on the website. Some of his articles are still among our most popular. And it must be stated that Rob Falke was one of the HVAC industry's best-loved persons.

Rob left big shoes to fill, however, we are pleased to report that David Richardson of NCI will be taking over the biweekly column Falke wrote for many years that appeared in the Contracting BusinessHotmail newsletter. David joined National Comfort Institute full-time in 2010 as a curriculum developer and trainer. In this role, he develops and teaches practical; real-world training focused on the HVAC and Home Performance industries. Before that, he worked in his family’s HVAC contracting business, where he learned many
lessons, some more difficult than others.Richardson offered high praise to Rob Falke. "Rob Falke was my mentor, friend, and colleague," Richardson said. "He taught me principles that caused me to look at an HVAC system differently. For years I called the HVAC equipment the HVAC system. I was mistaken. Rob helped me see that there is a difference, and how I played a role in creating the real HVAC system. He showed me how each HVAC professional determines HVAC system efficiency with their attention to craftsmanship. Our work determines how well a piece of HVAC equipment
performs, and we can prove it with measurements. Remember, if you don’t measure, you’re just guessing. It’s my goal to continue Rob’s Hotmail series with the same spirit and simple messages he loved to share with the industry."

Richardson rightly added that there remains an ongoing need for training in HVAC service and performance, something Rob Falke understood and strived to provide.

"Rob showed me how each HVAC professional determines HVAC system efficiency with their attention to craftsmanship." - David Richardson 

"Rob’s mission was to equip HVAC professionals to improve poorly performing HVAC systems and get paid handsomely for this skill set. He set milestones for our industry to aim for, and was unwavering that we keep our message simple. Unless we can share performance principles in an easy-to-understand way, our industry cannot move forward," he said.

David Richardson has been involved in High-Performance HVAC Contracting since 2001. This experience allowed him the opportunity to diagnose and correct many HVAC and Home Performance issues over the past decade.

He added that Rob Falke helped him look beyond the technical aspects of HVAC to realize the people who rely on quality HVAC service and troubleshooting. 

"It’s easy for us to get caught up in technical details and forget the purpose of why we’re in business. Rob taught me to keep the big picture in mind and focus on who we serve. His influence grounded me in what was essential to the continued success of the HVAC industry. I aim to keep Rob’s spirit and legacy alive."

David Richardson also writes monthly columns for various industry publications to help increase awareness of the importance of high-performance testing. He is a regular presenter at many industry conferences, working to spread the message of high-performance HVAC contracting. 

Besides holding all NCI certifications, David has held certifications as a HERS rater, BPI building analyst, and is a BPI field and written exam proctor. 

Welcome, David, and best wishes. I know our readers will be well-served by your writing. 

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