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    Oct. 11, 2023
    Trane Webinar

    Smart Building VRF Systems Now More Compatible with Light Commercial Projects

    Sept. 7, 2023
    New thinking helps customers achieve decarbonization goals.

    Two expanding trends in commercial HVAC are all-electric VRF and the trend toward smart buildings.  

    Both are ideal complements to building automation systems, which are no longer reserved for larger, more complex buildings. Because EVERY building can have a need for advanced controls. That's why BAS and VRF are sparking a revolution in light commercial building management. And Trane is helping lead the way in combing the two.

    Trane’s Tracer Concierge®, powered by Tracer® SC+, takes light commercial projects to the next level. Specifically designed forcontractors, Concierge is easy to install and easy for your customers to operate. It offers the functionality of a fully customized BAS with an intuitive user interface, giving contractors an edge in
    satisfying building owners’ needs for performance and usability.

    Trane reports that combining BAS with highly efficient VRF systems leads to the affordable, accessible, enterprise-level control customers need to achieve decarbonization goals.

    An upcoming webinar will cover all these bases. Register to learn more about how leading with BAS solutions can help future-proof your projects and grow your bottom line. Chris Lorenza, VRF Controls Project Manager, Trane Commercial, will cover the following:

    • How to differentiate yourself in the fast-growing VRF space with BAS
    • Understand Tracer Concierge® System VRF system applications
    • Experience the ease of installation with Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric VRF and HVRF
    • See an overview of Tracer Concierge System service benefits and pull through
    • Understand end user/operator benefits and user experience

      VISIT THIS LINK to register. You'll be glad you did.