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Technology Update: Comfort Controls

Oct. 1, 2008
The American Standard Comfort Control works with the new AccuLink™ communicating system to receive status and operating information from other components of the AccuLink™ system. The diagnostic alert signal lights up to notify homeowners of system error and is enabled for remote monitoring and programming by phone.

Residential Control Systems:

American Standard

The American Standard Comfort Control works with the new AccuLink™ communicating system to receive status and operating information from other components of the AccuLink™ system. The diagnostic alert signal lights up to notify homeowners of system error and is enabled for remote monitoring and programming by phone.

The Auto discovery feature of the American Standard Comfort Control automatically detects and configures the AccuLink equipment settings and airflow. Simplified wiring enables faster, easier installation with three-wire connections to indoor equipment and two-wire connections to outdoor equipment, according to company sources.

Humidification with frost control/ dehumidification regulates proper moisture levels through the humidifier or air conditioner, depending on the desired level of humidity in the home. Visit for more info.


The Evolution® System Control by Bryant has an optional Remote Access function that lets dealers access the homeowner’s HVAC system at a distance to gain valuable information that can reduce troubleshooting time.

The design of the Evolution Control allows for plug-and-play installation. According to company sources, the four-wire, color-coded thermostat walks technicians through the entire process using intuitive screen prompts. The Evolution Control also has an automatic start-up feature, which identifies and stores the model and serial numbers of the equipment at the control.

The Evolution Control displays routine maintenance reminders for the homeowner, along with their dealer’s name and phone number, which helps direct the homeowner back to the dealer for service and repair. Visit for more info.


Infinity ™ Remote Access by Carrier offers homeowners state-of-the-art software and programming capabilities and the ability to program their HVAC system from anywhere there is Internet or telephone access. Homeowners can program days in advance, or on their way home from work by simply logging onto the website or calling an 800 number.

Carrier’s Infinity Remote Access on the Internet makes programming as easy as choosing options from a dropdown menu, according to company sources. The main menu will be shown on every screen within the Infinity Remote Access website allowing for easy navigation. The system will automatically get the Infinity system status upon logging into the website. Remote Access will even allow users to program a vacation schedule from the Internet. Visit for more info.

Emerson Climate Technologies

The Emerson Blue™ Selecto thermostat line, by Emerson Climate Technologies, is the first ever Spanish-only line of programmable thermostats. After researching the unique needs of Hispanic contractors and homeowners, Emerson Climate Technologies White-Rodgers division adapted its Blue thermostat platform to address the key concerns of the growing Hispanic population.

The Blue Selecto thermostat line includes three models, each featuring a Spanish language display and Spanish programming. To accompany the new thermostats, Emerson is also implementing a Spanish-speaking homeowner helpline (877/978-7828) for homeowners with questions as well as a Spanish language NATE certification training module for contractors. Visit for more info.

EWC Controls

EWC Controls has introduced the S2000/2020 Steam Humidifier.

The S2000/ 2020 uses a built-in computer chip to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety along with efficiency, according to company sources. LED read-out display lets the homeowner know exactly what the system is doing. The S2000/2020 is compatible with all makes and models of forced air heating systems.Visit for more info.


Honeywell has introduced the first wireless platform engineered specifically for HVAC, featuring the Portable Comfort Control™, a hand-held device that not only senses and allows homeowners to adjust for that room’s temperature but also provides information on outdoor conditions to help them make informed decisions that could positively impact overall energy use.

Used much like a TV remote, the Portable Comfort Control is a handheld, battery-operated device that automatically adjusts the temperature in whatever room it is in to whatever desired setting, displays outdoor temperature and humidity, puts energy-related decisions conveniently in homeowners’ hands, and allows for energy-saving setback at bed-time after homeowners fall asleep. Visit for more info.


Lennox has introduced the ComfortSense™ 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat to its programmable thermostat line. This Lennox thermostat is Energy Star rated, has up to four stages of heat and two stages of cool, and is universal.

Dealers can enter their contact name and information in the thermostat as well as set custom reminders for homeowners. The file folder type tabs make it easy to navigate between commonly used menus, and the two-line character display shows the date, time, mode and outdoor temperature. A soft blue backlight and large indoor temperature font make it easy to read the temperature from across the room. Visit for more info.


Rheem introduces the second generation of its Comfort Control System, CC″S. The HVAC control panel offers detailed system status displays and a unique set of system control features for the homeowner.

When a Rheem Series 500 thermostat is used in tandem with the controller, the contractor can set up the system, simultaneously monitor the air handler and heat pump, and customize the home comfort settings from one location. Simplifying these procedures streamlines the installation and maintenance process, says company sources.

The CC″S provides the homeowner with features such as seven-day programmability, humidity control and system status notification, but the Series 500 thermostat will also communicate maintenance reminders, such as the need to change filters, UV lights, and humidifier pads. Visit for more info.


The XL900 comfort control is compatible with the unique Trane ComfortLink II technology that connects all the communicating components of a home’s air conditioning and heating system, while providing remote telephone access to the system, any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Other features include, backlit touch screens and adjustable features, including weekday and weekend programmable settings, manual overrides for custom settings when needed, auto-changeover between heating and cooling, energy-saving settings, humidity sensor, and reminders when it’s time to change filters. Visit for more info.

Commercial Control Systems:


With increasing emphasis on arc flash protection contrasted with the need for localized data collection from operating circuit breakers, ABB’s Wireless Communication Modules provide information without having to install a test cord or interface with the trip unit directly.

Two new Bluetooth® enabled communication units are now available from ABB that allow Bluetooth enabled personal digital assistant (PDA) or Bluetooth enabled personal computer to communicate directly with the trip unit, wirelessly. The wireless modules enable technicians to verify the status of the circuit breaker, including number of operations performed, and trip unit settings on the various trip functions. Visit for more info.


The Intelligent Touch Controller, by Daikin, is an icon-based centralized controller that simplifies the operation of the family of Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems.

According to company sources, the Intelligent Touch Controller provides easy management for up to 64 individual zones or groups (128 indoor units) by offering the user an option to create zones from individual remote control groups in a system.

The Intelligent Touch Controller can be wall mounted, panel mounted, or located within a secure enclosure. A simple two-wire connection for communications and 24 volt power supply requirement eliminates the complexities and costs normally associated with the installation of advanced control products. Visit for more info.

Siemens Building Technologies

To expand the capabilities of its independent controls contractor channel, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. is introducing a new version of Talon building automation based on the versatile, open, BACnet protocol. With BACnet, Talon controls offer advanced integration capabilities and a comprehensive set of tools.

The key to Talon’s versatility is the broad array of integration drivers that enable precise HVAC system management as well as tightly integrated control of security, fire and lighting systems and building operator-friendly management capabilities. These features are designed to optimize building owners’ investments and allow greater owner control and management of their systems.

With open architecture based on BACnet or LonTalk protocols and advanced tools that ensure precise control schemes and trouble-free system implementation, Talon building automation provides integrators with ultimate flexibility and the tools they need to keep projects on schedule and in the black. Visit for more info.