Control Systems and Products

Oct. 1, 2009
New systems and products give customers control of their comfort


According to company sources, ABB's new drive is designed for fast installation and commissioning - particularly for pump & fan applications. The addition to ABB's AC drive family ranges from 0.5 HP to 30 HP (0.37 kW to 22 kW). New applications such as heat wheels, condenser fans, exhaust fans, and circulating pumps are now economically feasible with this new drive.
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American Standard

The 900 Family 7-day Digital Programmable Comfort Control lets homeowners program wake, leave, return, sleep, and vacation mode heat and cool settings for seven different days. Additionally, this comfort control automatically communicates and coordinates with other system components through American Standard's AccuLink™ Communicating System. The AccuLink communicating capability allows control to receive status and operating information from other components of the AccuLink system, and enables remote monitoring and programming by phone.
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Arzel Zoning Technology announces the launch of its new Evergreen Zoning System, the industry's first aftermarket zoning product that provides blower speed control based on airflow requirements to each zone, eliminating the need for a bypass damper, sources say.

System features:

  • Smart Staging controls equipment capacity based on thermostat demand or variable load requirements

  • Single control for all applications; single or multi-stage, heat/cool or heat pump, up to four zones.
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Carrier's Edge thermostat combines powerful technology and systems integration with the latest in home thermostat style and fashion, sources say. Launched at the 2007 International Builders Show, the Edge was the first line of thermostats in the industry designed to function not only as a comfort control device but also as a design accessory.
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The Intelligent Touch controller is a user-friendly, icon-based centralized controller that simplifies the operation of the family of variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems manufactured by Daikin.

Administrators can expand their control of air conditioning and other facilities equipment through an interactive, icon-based color touch screen. Systems can also be controlled via the Internet, from home, or any other location with a PC. Should a malfunction occur, notification is sent by e-mail to a cell phone or any e-mail address specified by the user.
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Emerson Climate Technologies announces the new Emerson® Blue™ Easy Reader thermostat, a thermostat with display characters and numbers twice as large as other Emerson thermostats, for enhanced user readability, understanding, and functionality. After extensively researching the unique needs of contractors and their customers, Emerson Climate Technologies White-Rodgers Division adapted its award-winning Blue thermostat platform to address the key concerns of the growing baby boomer population, as well as other consumers looking for simplicity in a thermostat.
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EWC Controls

The BMPlus3000 zone control panel controls gas, heat-pump, and electric systems up to two stages of heating and cooling. It has a built-in dual fuel kit, and with an optional Outdoor Air Sensor (OAS), it can easily stage up from 5-47F outside air temperature. It comes equipped with a Supply Air Sensor (SAS), and is expandable to seven zones. Any 24volt conventional thermostat, and two-heat/one-cool heat pump thermostat will operate the panel in all zones.
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Honeywell announced an expansion to its Spyder® family of controllers with the addition of BACnet® protocol models. The new BACnet models offer powerful functionality and are sized and priced for variable air volume (VAV) and unitary applications.

The availability of the BACnet protocol provides openness and ability to use the Spyder controller with other devices or as standalone systems. According to company sources, Spyder controllers offer the flexibility to control and monitor any building automation process.
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Invensys Controls

The Setup Wizard of the Robertshaw® deluxe thermostat i-Series saves contractors installation time and makes programming easier for homeowners by navigating users through a series of menu-driven screens with simple instructions available in English, Spanish and French, company sources say.
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KMC Controls

KMC Controls has released a new version of its primary operator workstation software, TotalControl. Version 3.0 has significant enhancements over earlier versions, sources say.

Enhancements include a greatly simplified installer to speed installation, full MS Vista compatibility (with Windows 7 support planned for Feb. 2010), and support for KMC's new FlexStat™ BACnet controller and sensor.
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The ComfortSense 7000 by Lennox has some new features including:

  • Fan button moved to “options” tab

  • Dealer contact information can now rotate on the home screen

  • Dealer info “button” when a reminder expires

The ComfortSense features a large, easy-to-read display, and has file folder-type tabs for easy navigation sources say.
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The wireless energy management thermostat with occupancy sensor from LG provides control increasing energy costs in a commercial environment-while ensuring enhanced comfort. The thermostat combines the energy-saving convenience of complete programmability and temperature control for both occupied and unoccupied rooms. Its occupancy sensor automatically turns off the air conditioner when a room is unoccupied, further reducing wasted energy.
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The City Multi® Y-Series, from Mitsbubishi, is an energy effective heat pump with the ability to distribute capacity from one zone of a building to another, thereby using only as much energy needed for each zone. By using a two-pipe system with a wide variety of indoor units and individual zone controllers, the Y-Series heat pump provides the ultimate zoning system and the precise amount of cooling or heating for up to 32 zones.
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PowerMand, a developer of energy management services that optimize building performance in light commercial and residential sites, introduces a new version of its DreamWatts® product line. According to company sources, the new software makes it easier for contractors to install and maintain DreamWatts in buildings up to 100,000-sq.ft.
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The Sporlan Kelvin II family of standalone and network enabled controllers, consists of two set-and-forget controllers for electric expansion valves (EEVs) and a remote display/service tool.

All Kelvin II controllers are supplied with bi-polar and uni-polar EEV control outputs, three temperature inputs, a pressure input, two digital outputs and Modbus communication outputs.
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TAC Field Devices

TAC Field Devices' line of TAC Forta™ globe valve actuators now includes more compact screw-mount style models, giving users both screw-mount and U-bolt mounting options to meet the most common installation and application requirements for small, medium, and large globe valves.
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The Trane ComfortLink II™ communicating technology connects all of the key system components in the Trane system and enables remote telephone access. The components work together to calibrate the system and maximize efficiency. With the telephone access module (TAM), the system will send alerts to a homeowner's cell phone, and receive remote commands to adjust temperature and climate.
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Zonefirst introduces a new outlet zone damper (OZD). The new OZD solves the problem of inaccessible ducts by being able to be inserted at the outlet, behind the existing floor/wall register or ceiling diffuser. The thin profile, less than 3.5-in. with motor allows the damper to insert into the floor duct boot. The OZD is powered by Zonefirst's exclusive plug-in damper motor and includes 100-ft. of plenum rated cable that can be run through the duct system back to the zoning panel.
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