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Editor's Page

Aug. 1, 2014
Education is the Key to Rolling with Change

They say that change is always difficult and that those who can’t adapt to changes usually get rolled over by them. OK, I made that up, but I think you get my point. This is my first Editor’s Page in HVACR/Hydronics Distribution Business magazine, and I have to step into some pretty big shoes left behind by our former editor, Tom Peric. I’ve known Tom for a lot of years and for all that time, despite his modesty to the contrary, he was always a forward thinker who sought ways to improve himself, this publication and the HVACR/ Hydronics industry.

This is a familiar soapbox for me. As the editorial director of this publication as well as Contracting and HPAC Engineering, I’ve always strived to find the right content and the right industry experts to continue our ongoing mission to raise the bar for wholesalers, contractors and engineers serving this magnificent industry of ours.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce this issue to you, in particular, the wholesaler spotlight on Young Supply Co., Chesterfield Township, MI. You see this company is on a mission to seek perfect performance in their employees and top-notch service to their contractor customers. In the story “Young Supply: The Principles of Success,” writer Michael Maynard explores the guiding principles of this 17-branch operation and how they invest in training and educating their people to create an atmosphere that makes Young Supply the preferred supplier to their contractor customers.

From a manufacturer standpoint, we highlight Houston-based RectorSeal Corp., a firm that steers clear of the limelight and focuses on creating sealants needed by service technicians so they can best service their customers’ equipment. In this manufacturer profile, “Filling a Need and Earning the SEAL of Approval,” Michael Maynard once again lasers in on best practices in learning from customers what is needed and then coming up with the products that fulfill those needs.

Obviously, we help you stay on top of what’s happening from a legislative standpoint with Charlie McCrudden’s “The Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer,” which discusses how the summer hiatus of Congress really isn’t a hiatus at all. Frank Hurtte’s management story, “We’re in the growth mode. Now what?,” examines wholesalers’ need to invest in acquisitions, people and technology.

And let us not forget about Reid Goldsborough’s latest treatise with regard to the Internet and ecommerce side of things. In his story, “There’s a Word for it,” Goldsborough examines the impact of Microsoft’s famous office suite being released for the Apple iPad and the impact that can have on the wholesale business. If you’re looking for some ideas on how this application can benefit your business, then this is a must read

Now speaking of education, I would be remiss if I didn’t toss out a promo for the upcoming Comfortech 2014 seminar and tradeshow, September 9–11, in Nashville, TN. As important as it is for wholesalers to train and educate your employees, it’s equally important to offer your contractor customers as many opportunities to learn how to run better, more profitable businesses. Comfortech is the only industry event that offers them that. Why not put together a group of your best, most deserving contractor customers and bring them to Nashville where they can learn how to better manage their companies and make more money?

After all, if the contractor is more successful, doesn’t that mean you will be, as well?

Please join us in Nashville, and I look forward to seeing you all there. Your employees, salespeople and customers will be better off for it.

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