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    Can We Talk? — Customers and the 'Sales Pitch'

    Aug. 23, 2018
    Let the customer do the selling for you, by offering them a menu of choices.

    So, I recently let a timeshare salesperson buy 90-minutes of my time for $795 cash value in perks. I hated every minute of it.  

    In exchange for my time, I received three vouchers for jet ski rentals, four vouchers to ride ATVs on the desert and on the beach, and $195 in cash money. Not a bad deal, right? Especially since I was vacationing on a beautiful beach for seven days and could easily afford to waste 90-minutes of time.

    When I got out of that sales presentation, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, it’s true — even for $795, I still feel violated for allowing someone to blatantly try to sell me a timeshare in a beautiful location. Something about it just doesn't feel right. 

    If the money they spend to buy my time has to be added to the cost of sales  — and since they have a closing ratio of, let’s say, about 50 percent — that would mean every sale they make has to cost at least $1,500 more just to offset the direct day of purchase marketing cost. I'll stop there with the math.

    Remember that when you make a service call. Your customers want to buy your services as proven by the fact that they called you, they made your phone ring. They even took off work and waited to open the door and smile at you.  

    Don't blow it. Always remember Rule No. 1: “Everybody hates it when you try to sell them something.”

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    Don't let them even get an ounce of feeling that you are trying to sell them something. Let the customer do the selling for you by offering a menu of choices.

    Tell them what you found and tell them you have several options, then ask if they would like to see the options.  Then simply show them the options and ask, "What should we do?"

    And, by the way, if you are willing to sit through a 90-minute sales presentation I can get another $250 just for giving them your name and phone number, so go ahead, make my day!

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