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6 Positive Indicators that HVAC Service is About to Heat-Up

by Joanna Rotter, Content Marketing Specialist, MSI Data
Originally published at MSI Data

I’ve never been sailing. But I can imagine what it feels like to be out on the open water on a perfect, breezy summer day. The wind fills your sails and pushes you forward at an accelerating speed while the landscape blurs around you. It must be exhilarating! 

Well, like having a steady wind fill your sails, following positive trends in your business can be exhilarating too if you know how to position the boat. 

Businesses, especially service and contractor businesses, are in a strong position to grow. According to IBIS World, Heating & Air Conditioning in the US: Market Research Report, “following historic decline due to the recession in 2008 and 2009, demand for HVAC services is projected to heat up in the next five years.” 

HVAC manufacturers are optimistic too. An AHR Expo Survey for 2014 found that 90% of HVAC manufacturers believe sales will increase and no one predicted sales would decrease. 

You’ve worked hard to set yourself up for a lucrative year and you’re not about to let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Continue accelerating as you follow the trends that are working for HVAC companies today. 

See my 6 Steps in the gallery above.

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