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Protect and Maximize Your Assets with the Right Technology

Sept. 5, 2018
Be ready for any emergency using a diverse suite of technology

One of the biggest challenges for any business can be protecting its employees and assets. Service crews face a variety of safety issues on any given day, putting them and your equipment at risk. Leveraging technology across your fleet and in your operational structure can provide a wealth of information to make sure you not only develop a plan in the case of an emergency but also take preventative measures before the worst occurs.

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Keep an Eye on High-Value Assets

Because a substantial capital investment has been made when you own equipment, monitoring that equipment at all time is critical to protecting and earning return on that investment. GPS fleet tracking technology allows you to keep an eye on your most expensive equipment and see where and when it’s being used. As a service contractor, this frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business, freeing you from making multiple—and disruptive—calls to your workers throughout the day.

If you know where your high-value equipment is located, you can also use it in the most efficient manner possible. This kind of visibility also allows you to get the maximum usage out of expensive equipment and delay the purchase of new equipment until your business really needs it.

Deploy Your Fleet Efficiently

Your service vehicles can be spread across hundreds of miles every day as they serve your customer base. Fleet tracking technology gives you a satellite view of your assets and how they’re deployed. Near real-time knowledge of where crews are empowers you to make data-based decisions to re-deploy assets as necessary.

Keep Your Vehicles on the Road

Having a connected fleet also means you’re up-to-date on and aware of the condition of your assets. Access to current fleet data allows you to take maintenance actions on vehicles when they need it. This can protect drivers when they get behind the wheel knowing the vehicle they’re using is maintained.

Protect Yourself Against Theft

According to the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report, more than 765,000 vehicles were stolen in the U.S. A report by Insureon states about 9% of small businesses were victims of theft or fraud that year. Fleet tracking software can alert you when your equipment is moved and allows you to track where it’s going. Access to this kind of data can help you recover stolen equipment faster and more efficiently, minimizing the time your assets are out of service.

Telematics includes geofencing functionality as well, which can alert you the moment a vehicle goes beyond its set boundaries. Once this function is set, these alerts are automatic and quick, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to report the unauthorized movement to police in a timely manner, potentially increasing your chances and speed of recovery.

Anti-siphoning monitoring provides information to keep fuel thieves at bay, with sensors that can provide alerts when fuel is used, you can ascertain if it’s authorized.

Be Ready in Case of Emergency

When service crews are deployed to a potentially hazardous worksite, information is a vital tool to ensure they’re kept safe. Fleet tracking software provides data of where assets are located, when they enter the worksite and when they leave.

A connected fleet also offers you easy communication with the crew while they’re on site, providing them with immediate answers to help them when work through a stressful situation. Communication with the home office is made easier when location and historical job data is available on the cloud by both workers in the field and home office.

Stay Connected to Your Employees for Enhanced Safety

Telematics provides near real-time and historical data on driving habits so you can act to halt reckless driving. Looking at driver data can show where a vehicle is being misused. This allows you take proactive measures to address the problem and provide guidelines to fix the issue. When common problems arise amongst drivers, you can use the data to tailor new training sessions for your employees. This not only protects your employees and your vehicles, but can reduce insurance burdens and costs due to reckless driving accidents.

Technology to Protect Your Assets

Whether it’s expensive equipment or invaluable labor, telematics technology can provide you with peace of mind and visibility into their activity. Keeping your business running, your equipment ready to work and your employees empowered with the information they need to get to the job and get the job done is made easy with the right technology.

Learn more about how to protect and maximize your company’s assets here!

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