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Jobber Launches Live GPS Vehicle Tracking

Dec. 18, 2019
Customers can now easily track the real-time location of vehicles equipped with FleetSharp’s SIM card-based vehicle trackers.

TORONTO – December 11, 2019 Jobber, a leading provider of home service management software, announced an integration with FleetSharp GPS that will allow its customers to further optimize field operations with live GPS tracking. With the easy to use scheduling map in Jobber, customers can now easily track the real-time location of vehicles equipped with FleetSharp’s SIM card-based vehicle trackers. By knowing exactly where vehicles are, home service businesses can improve field operations through more efficient dispatching, smarter scheduling, and quicker response times for emergency requests. Insights into driver behavior and vehicle conditions also provide the opportunity to improve crew safety and reduce operating costs by boosting fuel efficiency. 

Live GPS tracking is another tool, within Jobber’s comprehensive platform, that home service businesses—such as landscapers and lawn care professionals, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, painters, cleaners, and more—can use to organize their operations, impress customers, and grow their businesses.

“Being able to check on the progress of crews without disrupting their days or killing their phone batteries is a game changer for busy business owners,” said Sam Pillar, CEO & Co-founder of Jobber. “This feature, which leverages FleetSharp’s cutting-edge technology, allows decisions to be made quicker and smarter, leading to better customer service, more jobs, and more revenue. Live GPS tracking is yet another way that Jobber is providing the ultimate command center for small home service businesses looking to scale.”

“FleetSharp’s mission is to simplify the complicated in GPS tracking, which pairs perfectly with Jobber’s platform for managing service businesses,” said John McCammond, VP, Partnerships and Channel Development.

FleetSharp’s vehicle trackers utilize vehicle SIM cards, providing true real-time location updates that don’t rely on smart devices. This offers a significant advantage as managers can know where their teams are without draining their crews’ phone batteries or intruding on their privacy. Continuous location sharing makes sure every part of the day is accounted for and billable. Through FleetSharp’s web management system and free mobile app for Android and iOS, users also have access to route replay, idle time tracking, driver behavior reports, geofencing, fuel mileage, and various alerts.

"GPS tracking is a great tool when you have multiple vehicles out in the field working,” said Alex Voloshin, owner of Royal Gutters. “We had been using a different tracking system before, but the use of multiple programs was inconvenient and creating eyestrain. With Jobber’s integration with FleetSharp, we now have all our core business operations and the ability to keep tabs on our seven vehicles all in one place. This is easily saving an hour a day in tracking time savings alone.”

Live GPS tracking is currently available for U.S. customers today, with a Canada-wide roll out expected in Spring 2020. The feature is available through Jobber’s Connect and Grow plans and requires a physical tracker and subscription to FleetSharp. Jobber customers qualify for a preferred rate on FleetSharp tracking devices. For more information, visit getjobber.com/fleetsharp

About Jobber
Jobber (@GetJobber) is an award-winning SaaS platform that helps small home service businesses organize their entire operations, from scheduling jobs and managing their crews, to invoicing customers and collecting payments. 

About FleetSharp
FleetSharp is a leading provider of fleet and asset tracking solutions tailored to the needs of small to mid-sized service companies and fleets.