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These videos can be viewed ondemand online at any time Mastery Technologies
<p>These videos, which span multiple industries, can be viewed on-demand online at any time.</p>

Contractors Can Keep Team Fresh with Training

It never hurts to be well-educated. When it comes to helping contracting business employees do their job, training will come in handy for improving the skillset and knowledge base of workers, not to mention helping to satisfy customers.

On Contractor Magazine’s website, Hal Conick wrote about a Michigan-based company called Mastery Technologies, which publishes training videos online. These videos, which span multiple industries, can be viewed on-demand online at any time, saving businesses the need to send employees to expensive, time-consuming training sessions.

These training sessions can help contractors learn on the go, as the proliferation of mobile devices makes viewing these videos much easier than ever before.

Not only are smaller companies interested in training, more will have access to online videos in the next few years. According to Cisco’s VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecasts for 2013 to 2018, 79 percent of all Internet traffic will be video related by 2018. Keeping in mind the workload most contractors have, which entails a heavy travel schedule, and the number of those who use mobile devices on an everyday basis, it’s no surprise to see more small businesses interested in online video training.

Rachel Custer, Mastery’s communications coordinator, said these courses can work on any device, making it easier for a contractor on the run to have access to training on the go. Many want the flexibility to be able to start training between jobs and be able to finish at the office or home, she said, something Mastery’s eLearning platform allows contractors to do.

Visit Contractor Magazine to read more about online video training.

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