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steve coscia on piano

CSR First Impressions Matter to Customers

The phone rings: before a Customer Service Representative can maximize the potential of the call, he or she must deliver a terrific and lively phone greeting.

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are your customers' or potential customers' first contact. CSRs perform a vital role in conveying value, boosting their company brand and maximizing the revenue potential of every call. The problem, however, is that before a CSR can do anything else, he or she must deliver a terrific and lively phone greeting.

If the first few seconds of a phone call go bad, then value, the brand and revenue won't matter. First impressions are vital.

Steve Coscia

In a new video presentation, Customer Service Expert Steve Coscia delivers interesting phone tips on the pace of speech, with some piano playing to help reinforce the lesson.

Check out his blog and watch the video about the power of a great first impression.

If you have questions, call Steve at 610-853-9836 or e-mail him at [email protected]

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