Do What's Right

With the different economy in which we find ourselves today, we can moan and groan from now ‘til the cows come home or we can decide how WE are going to adjust to succeed in today’s world.

There are no magic pills or secret techniques. There isn’t a substitute for hard work. How many times have you heard, “The harder I work, the luckier I get?” Chances are you aren’t getting luckier. You’re simply seeing the results of your beefed-up efforts.

When I say ‘do what’s right and do it better’, I’m simply stating what most of you are already aware of: This economy has forced us to do things in a different way.

• We have to distinguish ourselves from competitors.

• We have to provide added value to the customer.

• We have to go that ‘extra mile’ to meet expectations.

• We have to recognize our better employees as the assets they truly are.

• We have to rely on our satisfied customers for referrals.

Many of us may have been doing these things all along. Those who are doing these things aren’t suffering as much from the effects of the economic slowdown. Those of us who have been trying to do ‘business as usual,’ will find it harder to make the adjustment.

Just do what’s right. Just because we haven’t made these changes in the past, is no reason not to do it now. In fact, today’s environment requires that we do things differently.

John L. Lloyd has been involved with HVAC for the past 30 years in a variety of positions, has presented programs and seminars for groups both in and out of this industry, and has an honest passion for our industry to become the best it can possibly be. John can be reached at [email protected]

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