Green Doesn't Cost More, Expert Tells Linc Service Audience

Green building expert Christine Ervin told Linc contractors that green builidings provide opportunity for them, and value for their customers, during the 2009 Linc Service continuing education conference.

The theme of the Dallas, TX conference was “Powered by Linc.” About 700 were in attendance for two days of class sessions that focused on training tools and sharing best practices.

Ervin — a former president/CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and assistant secretary of energy for the Clinton administration — made a compelling case that green is far from being just another fad, but rather, an entirely new way of doing business.

“Green buildings can lower operating costs and increase building value, while enhancing occupant productivity, and helping companies retain the best employees,” Ervin said. “I'm impressed by what Linc Network is doing to bring the latest in green market developments to its franchise network.”

Ervin said perceptions of higher costs are the single biggest obstacles to more green building projects. She cited several studies to support her claims that there's no statistical difference in average construction costs for green projects. Most of those projects, according to Ervin, have been completed within existing budgets, despite recent construction cost increases.

Linc service contractors follow the disciplines of the Linc System, to deliver preventive maintenance, HVAC service, and bundled energy solutions to the commercial market.

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