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Keep ‘Em Coming Back: 7 Ways to Appeal to Return Customers

What’s more thrilling as a business owner than bringing in a brand new customer? It’s proof that your company is good at what it does in multiple factors and should make a contracting business owner extremely proud of their marketing effort. But what about returning customers? You haven’t forgotten to market to your bread and butter, have you?

According to a report from SumAll, a returning customer is worth 20 percent more than a first-time customer. Returning customers make up 25 to 40 percent of the sales from a company’s “best customers.” SumAll suggests putting 25 percent of your marketing budget toward returning customers, as these are likely of a higher value to your business.

Most small businesses seem to know this. A survey by Manta and dell found 37 percent of small business owners have “getting repeat customers” as their top goal, surpassing “first profitable year” by 23 percent. However, many could either use a refresher or are still new to managing a small business and may not realize the importance of keeping return customers coming back.

How can you appeal to return customers as a contracting business? Great question. Here are seven tips for keeping your customers coming back for service, new equipment and more.


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