Mechanical Services of Central Florida, Inc. Orlando, FL

Mechanical Services of Central Florida, Inc. Orlando, FL


  • Number and type of trucks/vans: We have 100 Ford and Chevy vehicles in our fleet, which include 60 vans, 20 pickup trucks, and 20 other (stake body, flat bed, etc.).
  • Inventory on trucks/vans: Our technicians carry standard commercial and industrial service items (total value under $1,500).
  • Preferred test instruments technicians carry: Fieldpiece multi-meters; infrared thermometers from RayTek, UEI, and Fluke; manifold gauges from Ritchie, Jarrow Brenda (J/B), Uniweld, Imperial, and Robinair; electronic leak detectors from GE, Yokagawa, TIF, and CPS; thermister vacuum gauges from Robinair, Thermal, and Supco; digital thermometers from Fluke, UEI, Fieldpiece, and RayTek; Dwyer magnahelic gauges; Uniweld purging regulators; Flow Rite flow hoods, Flir thermal imaging cameras.
  • Preferred brand of ladders: Werner and Carolina.
  • Preferred field communications method: Nextel and beepers as a back-up.
  • Preferred wireless field service software: Senior technicians carry a Blackberry.


  • Preferred business management software: Solomon Microsoft Business Systems.
  • Preferred load calculation software: Trane Trace, System Analyzer
  • Preferred sales management software: Outlook and an internally developed Access opportunity tracking system.
  • Preferred computer/ printer equipment: Primarily Dell.
  • Preferred photocopier equipment: The brand isn't so important. We focus on having a great copier technician.
  • Business connects to the Internet via: DSL line.
  • Preferred Internet service provider: Sprint.
  • Preferred business software package: Microsoft Office, Autocad, Trane System Analyzer, CadPipe, Estimation
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa and American Express.


  • Preferred HVAC heating equipment brands: We're a Trane Strategic Partner, and use equipment from Liebert, Carrier, York, Turbocor, and McQuay.
  • Preferred HVAC cooling equipment brands: Trane, Liebert, Carrier, York, Turbocor, and McQuay.
  • Preferred accessory brands: Trane Summit Automation.
  • Amount of equipment inventoried: About $150,000.
  • Warehouse equipment used: Three Clark forklifts.
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