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If you know what to look for, a visual inspection provides clues to unsafe operation. It's never good for one package unit to exhaust into the economizer of an adjacent unit.
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Before you jump on the heat pump bashing bandwagon, look at your duct installation practices first.
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Should You Repair or Replace that HVAC Unit?

Feb. 1, 2023
Which is most beneficial to customers? Read what experts in #HVAC system maintenance advise about when to repair or replace an HVAC system.

As the years go by, residential HVAC systems creep closer and closer to the end of their useful operating life. That's when the HVAC consultant is relied upon to present the homeowner with advice on whether to continue repairing the system, or if a replacement is in order. Read what some of the industry's top contractors and a leading consultant -- Drew Cameron -- have to say about repair v. replace. - ed.