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New LIQUID WRENCH Product Receives SATA Award

Oct. 5, 2017
Container is fitted with an LED light for accurate application. This product also meets approaching 'Zero-VOC' regulations.

LIQUID WRENCH® sources report that the new Pro Penetrant and Lubricant, powered by FlashSight Technology has earned the Southern Aerosol Technical Association (SATA) 2017 Innovation Award for “Advancement in Regulatory Response.”

The new product earned the award for having a Zero-VOC formula, and for being 18 months ahead of the changing regulatory deadline.

“LIQUID WRENCH leads the industry with the most ultra-low and Zero-VOC formula lubricants,” said Marshal Livingstone, vice president of marketing for RSC Chemical Solutions. “We take a proactive approach to making safer, more effective, low volatility aerosol products and we see this award as validation for this commitment," Livingstone said.

The SATA has remained one of the oldest and largest regional Aerosol Associations, made up of custom fillers, marketers and vendors. SATA is primarily a forum for the presentation of technical advancements in the manufacture, formulation and marketing of aerosol products.

This first-of-its-kind product features a built-in LED light located directly above the spray nozzle, enabling users to see where they spray and improving accuracy in low-light areas. This, combined with an innovative product formulation that delivers the power of a penetrating oil, able to cut through the toughest rust, grease and corrosion, and a long-lasting lubricant that reduces friction and wear, makes LIQUID WRENCH Pro Penetrant and Lubricant a truly versatile tool for all trades.

Additional product attributes include:

  • Locking on-and-off collar for convenient no-mess storage
  • 2 spray options – with or without a straw
  • Pro-grade anti-seize formula
  • Safe on metal, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber
  • Breaks down built-up rust and cuts through tough grease
  • Corrosion protection on all metals including copper, brass & bronze
  • Zero VOC
  • Patent pending