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David Richardson/NCI
If you know what to look for, a visual inspection provides clues to unsafe operation. It's never good for one package unit to exhaust into the economizer of an adjacent unit.
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Before you jump on the heat pump bashing bandwagon, look at your duct installation practices first.
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CB Bookshelf: HVAC Customer Service Handbook

Nov. 13, 2019
More than 15,000 copies of Steve Coscia's HVAC Customer Service Handbook have been shipped.

Steve Coscia’s HVAC Customer Service Handbook is taught at more than 200 colleges and trade schools nationwide. This textbook teaches students about soft skills such as teamwork, displaying a positive attitude, personal accountability, problem solving and communication skills. Soft skill finesse is essential for the future workforce, based on college advisory boards.

HVAC Customer Service Handbook shipments have surpassed 15,000 units, with gross sales of more than $250,000. Now in it’s 4th edition, Coscia’s HVAC Customer Service Handbook is available in numerous electronic platforms including VitalSource, MBS Direct and Amazon Kindle. 

For more information, call Steve Coscia at 610-853-9836 or go to