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Nitrogen Purge Kit Performs Many Key Functions

The Nitrogen Purge Kit from TurboTorch, St. Louis, MO, is described as the ideal kit for HVAC and refrigeration installers and service technicians. The kit is used for purging HVAC and refrigeration lines, leak testing, flushing drainage lines, cleaning coils and components, and even inflating tires. The kit can also be used to purge lines prior to brazing, to protect the joints from oxidation.

The TurboTorch Nitrogen Purge Kit includes a nitrogen regulator, two charging hoses, a blow gun, three purging tips, a needle tip for cleaning, a CO2 adapter, and a tire chuck.
Thermadyne Industries
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Web Monitoring, Diagnostic System Provides Real-Time Reports, Instant Alerts

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products recently entered into an agreement with Global Tier, a division of Restaurant Technologies, Inc., and a provider of information technology and data management solutions for food service customers. The two companies will launch a web-based monitoring and diagnostic system for commercial refrigeration systems in food service and cold storage applications. The system will provide real-time reports and instant notifications about commercial refrigeration system performance for single- or multiple-site operations via the nearest web browser or mobile device. According to Heatcraft sources, it will allow facility operators to reduce excess energy use, remote servicing, and improve cold storage product quality and inventory preservation. It will also help customers adhere to regulatory compliances, and streamline the process of required administrative tracking and logging.

“Heatcraft is now able to seamlessly integrate with Global Tier's infrastructure. Our systems will be compatible with this Internet web capability,” says Jim Kitchen, Heatcraft global segment leader. — Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
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