Preventive Maintenance for Icemaker Efficiency

To maintain efficiency, regular preventative maintenance is required. A cleaning and maintenance label is usually included in a conspicuous place on the unit. The instruction manual will include cleaning instructions and recommendations.

Scale is the enemy of the ice maker. Once it builds up on the evaporator and in the distribution system, it will reduce the production and efficiency of the unit. When a scale film covers the freezing surface, it insulates, impedes heat transfer and affects ice production and harvest. This scale film must be removed. An acid based cleaner is required to effectively loosen and remove the scale.

Some machine parts may need to be removed, inspected, and cleaned separately. Remember that ice is a food product. Once the unit is cleaned, it must also be sanitized. Sanitizing reduces bacteria that can grow in the cold, dark environment of the ice maker.

For a green ice machine, follow the path from the design and installation through preventative maintenance. It will lead you to an icemaker that's good for our environment.

Danny Moore, Director of Technical Support for Hoshizaki America, Inc. From, Icemakers are Getting Greener., CB, Dec. 2009, p. 42. Visit for additional information.

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