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    3 Key Tips to Improve Customer Service

    Dec. 7, 2018
    Technicians, contractors, and business owners face similar issues when it comes to customer service in today’s increasingly competitive market. How do you resolve these pain points so you can focus on what you do best?

    When your field employees have instant access to building codes, customer histories, vendor catalogs and more, they don’t waste productivity and customer good will.

    Phone and email tag. Trekking back to the office. They’re two examples of the productivity waste that occurs when your field employees don’t have the information they need at their fingertips.

    Customer experience suffers in the process. Why not tell them on the spot exactly what building codes specify, what manufacturers recommend, when you can have everything on site and how much it’s all going to cost?

    These three tips explain how mobile resource management software and services enable your employees to get the right information right away. Your customers and bottom line will thank you.   

    Learn more about improving customer service with fleet management software in the webinar or about fleet management solutions for you.

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